Photo Credit goes to AlI and Ayden, Spring 2018

Photo Credit goes to AlI and Ayden, Spring 2018


Mash Bill with wheat

Appearance: Clear and Neutral

Nose:  Clean, with a nutty hint of wheat

Palate:  Smooth, with a slightly sweet finish

Finish:  Creamy with no after-burn

Distilled in small batches to a minimum of 190 proof and continuously filtered for over 24 hours for clarity and taste

Bottling:  After filtering, our vodka is cut to 80 proof using fresh, clear, well water from the aquifer of Lake Superior

Age:  Unaged



apple vodka  

Using apples from a local grower, we've created an apple brandy worth talking about.  It's currently aging in an oak wine cask and will be available in the future.


Special Project: secret wisconsin mission

Currently working in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Stout in Menomonie to develop a true Wisconsin Spirit.  

We could add more, but we don't want to give too much away.